The best of what we read, watched and listened to this week

The best of what we read, watched and listened to this week

Image by Martin Str from Pixabay 

After the conspiracy theorists were out in force following the first lap incident at the Hungaroring last weekend (which led to an excellent race, by the way), will the US government’s admission that there are indeed flying objects which it has not identified fuel the fire of those who believe in alien visitors to earth?  UFOs exist  👽 [4 min read]

As the athletics programme at the Olympics gets underway, we are again witnessing some spectacular performances, including this astonishing world 400m hurdles record from Norwegian Karsten Warholm.  [2:31 video]

Having recently had my name and address used for a fraudulent insurance application (although I suffered no loss), I’ve become more aware of the incidence of such things.  The defence might seem obvious but given the hassle of recovering losses, it’s worth reminding ourselves about it.  Bank fraud [4 min read]

Bored unemployed people with no investing experience and companies offering them the opportunity to make money from trading something with an expected return of zero minus costs.  How could anything possibly go wrong?  Inside the Instagram foreign exchange craze  [6 min read]

As a further illustration of how hard it is to time markets, this chap is a professional portfolio manager who recently participated in the initial public offering of share trading platform Robinhood.  We Were Both Wrong About Robinhood  [3 min read]

If you’ve ever tried to catch a cat that doesn’t want to be caught and thought ‘If I were just a bit fitter…’, it turns out that even Usain Bolt would be left for dead.  Why Even the Fastest Human Can’t Outrun Your House Cat  [7 min read]

And to finish up, prankster Rémi Gaillard seemingly doing his best to get punched by multiple people in a series of Olympics-themed stunts, including carwash surfing.  Enjoy 😂  [2:40 video]

We hope you have a good weekend.

Charles and Rob