The best of what we read, watched and listened to this week

The best of what we read, watched and listened to this week

While I’m sure that those who are interested already know this, I’m informed that there was a football match this week in which England beat Germany, which is apparently important. 😉  England beat Germany  [6 min read].

When driving around the US, I’m always struck by how many properties prominently display the national flag.   However, in some neighbourhoods there are restrictions which ban other flags altogether.  This couple found a creative solution.  Couple in Wisconsin bypass flag rules with rainbow floodlights 🌈 [3 min read]

It used to be said that when the lift operator was giving you stock tips, it was time to get out of the market.  Now it seems that a whole new breed of younger ‘investors’, encouraged by social media, is seeing speculative trading as a way to get rich quickly. Oh dear. 🙄  “I put my life savings in crypto” [18 min read]

For those of us who loved ‘The Sopranos’ on TV, here is some good news about a prequel movie.  The Many Saints of Newark   [2 min read]

For anyone who spent time in physics lessons wondering ‘what if…’, this 20,000W lightbulb is most impressive. Particularly as the chap seems to have installed it in his own living room.  This is a 20,000 Watt  [0:48 video]

If you have ever imagined moving to the land of the Giant Redwood and the mighty Scots Pine and having a swimming pool in the garden, you might want to surround it with a bear-proof fence.  😂 [0:42 video]. 

We hope you have a good weekend.

Charles and Rob