It will never happen to us

It will never happen to us


When deciding whether to take out insurance have you ever said to yourself something like “It will never happen to us”!  It is so easy to avoid paying the extra cost of insurance for things by convincing yourself that the odds are in your favour. 

This is probably true in a lot of cases, but some insurances are worth taking out as they are designed to provide cover for high impact events which, although they have a low probability of occurring, if they did they would have a big effect.  I am thinking of life cover, income insurance and in some cases private medical insurance, but what about the other general insurances that we get offered at every turn.

Some, in my opinion, are a waste of time such as concert ticket insurance!  It is bad enough that we have to pay a ‘service charge’, a ‘facility charge’, a ‘handling charge’ and a delivery charge but to also pay for insurance is a step too far.   Yes, I am talking about a certain large well-known monopolistic ticket distribution company.  Mini rant over!

But what about travel insurance?  When buying most package holidays, travel insurance gets added, and we pay it without giving it too much attention.  Or we may get some cover through a bank account or credit card.  I doubt many of us actually shop around as we don’t have time. 

If you are anything like me in the past, I have hardly given it a second thought.  However, recently, my wife and I took the kids to Spain and arranged it ourselves without a travel company or package deal.  Before we left, we thought we’d better arrange some travel insurance.  Although we all have EU health care cards these only give you emergency cover and, in the future, these may no longer be available anyway.  

We used a leading comparison site and obtained cover for medical, lost baggage, delays and all the usual things that you hope is never needed.  For the princely sum of c.£50, we obtained our cover for a week.  I knew it was the right thing to do but still thought that we would never use it as “these things will never happen to us”. 

Well, as you have probably guessed one of those things did happen to us.   My youngest had an accident and broke her front tooth clean in half.   A frantic two hours followed where we walked around the Spanish town where we were staying trying to find a dentist who was a) open and b) could speak some English. 

We eventually found one, and after some interesting form filling and ‘Allo Allo’ style communication, a fantastic dentist reattached the tooth and explained what we had to do.   I now know some more Spanish words, but as these are mostly to do with teeth, I am hoping they won’t be very useful again!

Due to the language difficulty, and the fact that we would have happily paid any price at that point, we had no idea what this was going to cost and just let the dentist do his work.  The fact that we had insurance did at least give us the peace of mind that whatever the cost we would get the majority back. 

I am not saying that not having insurance would have stopped us from getting her treated straight away and dental work is by no means the most serious or expensive accident that could have happened, but I definitely have a greater appreciation for this type of insurance, as the ‘it will never happen to us’ did.